Hello everyone!πŸ’œ so I am back with my new blog post.🌹                                                

1. JAGDISH TEMPLE :- It is large Hindu temple in the middle of Udaipur in Rajasthan. It has been in continuous worship since 1651.πŸ™ A big tourist attraction. This temple is a major monument in Udaipur. It is dedicated to lord Vishnu and tallest temple in Udaipur.🏰 This temple has an amazing architecture and carving on the pillars. A five minutes walk will take you to another stunning spot City Palace which is located along this road. πŸ‘‘

Before visiting jagdish temple I visited jain temple which was near my hotel in Suraj pole. This temple was full of beautiful glass work which was really amazing.


2. MONSOON PALACE :- It was built by maharana sajjan Singh for monsoon season over looking Fateh Sagar lake.πŸŒ… The Palace from inside is very dull but the view outside is amazing. Its breathing taking and rejuvenating to see this small and quaint city from top. πŸŒ‡ It also has a cafe just next to monsoon Palace which also offers panoramic view. πŸŒ„

Thanks!! For reading my blog post. Hope you guys like itπŸ‘ and yes one more thing plz do comment.😊 πŸ’•                                                                                                                     πŸ’–.πŸ’–   Love you all  πŸ’–.πŸ’–               

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